Product description

Due to their technical level and workmanship, the CTScontainer containers are among the most demanded in the market. They are made of quality edged metal plates and steel profiles.

Containers are painted in a modern paintshop, in colour shades, e.g. grey RAL 7038, blue RAL 5017, or upon the customer’s request. Standard painting of containers conforms to the atmosphere corrosion aggressiveness degree C3 according to ČSN ISO 9223/94.

By types, they are designed e.g. for storage, handling and transport of construction materials, soils, dry bulk, or for transport of loose or palletised single piece materials. We mostly deliver tank, trailer, bulk or storage type containers with hydraulic loading crane, etc.

Container types
tipper style tipper style stackable
drop-side bulk
for municipal waste storage
towing platform bridge plate
sludge bed with loading crane
van tanker
for drinking water mounting platform
and others, upon request

See the brochure for specific container versions.

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