Waste management

Waste management products

Efficient transport

Several lorries with fixed body can be replaced with just a single vehicle - lift and several containers.


Maximum mechanisms

Over 250 variants of CTSlift mechanisms; solution for any lorry brand, weight, axle base or container length.


Tailor-made bodies

Well proven combination of CTSlift mechanisms and CTScontainer containers and hydraulic cranes or other partner manufacturers' bodies.


Reliability & Endurance

Tested by years and well proven by drivers in various conditions of municipal waste management and transport.

Waste management products

Modern solutions for waste transportation and processing

CTSlift/CTScontainer container systems are key tools for companies specializing in the transport and processing of municipal or metal waste. In these sectors, hook lifts or skip lifts and special equipment such as hydraulic cranes with adapters for tipping sorted waste containers or cranes with polyp grabs are usually used.

Effective handling of containers for municipal and metal waste

The most commonly used types of containers include tipper style and large-volume versions, and it is not uncommon to see containers equipped with a side or rear dustbin tippers. In practice, the combination of hook lifts or skip lifts with turntable container trailers is often used, which allows efficient handling of large volumes of waste.

Containers and hook lifts or skip lifts in the waste industry

Thanks to these innovative solutions, one hook lift or skip lifts can serve dozens of containers which increases productivity and efficiency in the field of waste processing. With the CTSlift/CTScontainer container systems, you can handle demanding tasks with ease and precision.

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