Civil engineering

Products for civil engineering

Efficient transport

Several lorries with fixed body can be replaced with just a single vehicle - lift and several containers.


Maximum mechanisms

Over 250 variants of CTSlift mechanisms; solution for any lorry brand, weight, axle base or container length.


Tailor-made bodies

Well proven combination of CTSlift mechanisms and CTScontainer containers and hydraulic cranes or other partner manufacturers' bodies.


Reliability & Endurance

Tested by years and well proven by drivers in various conditions - in sand pits, quarries, dumps and construction sites.

Products for civil engineering

Container systems CTSlift/CTScontainer are used by big and small construction companies. They are suitable for transport of building material, construction technology, transport of scaffolding, damp concrete or transport of building rubble.

Containers are perfect helper in refurbishments. They are used for instance under segmented slips for rubbles, or for continuous manual loading.

Among the most frequently used types of containers are tank container, trailer container or bulk container. Containers are further used as facilities for builders, or for storage of materials and tools.

One lift is thus able to serve tens of containers. If a lift is additionally equipped with hydraulic crane loader, no further handling unit is needed for loading and unloading of construction material.

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