Skip lifts with loading capacity from 14 to 18 tonnes

Skip lifts with loading capacity from 14 to 18 tonnes

Product description

CTSlift skip lifts are mainly used wherever horizontal container position is required throughout the handling.  Use is made of them for instance in waste water treatment plants, rendering plants, municipal services or waste management.

The ability to reload and handle containers on trailers is of no less importance, which increases the transport effectiveness. Certain container types for skip lifts allow in-unloading – stacking.

Due to their structure, skip lifts allow transport of containers up to sizes determined by the capacities of the handling arms. Handloing arms can either be non-telescopic, or telescopically extensible.

Loading capacity
14 t 18 t
Design of arms
Telescopically extensible Fixed non-extensible
Design of chains
Certified with shorteners
Pneumatic Electric cable
Radio Control (wireless)

Specific design of lifts - see the brochure.

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