Historie_01The predecessor of CHARVÁT CTS a.s. was the Strojní a traktorová stanice Okřínek (Machine and Tractor Station Okřínek), established in 1949. It served as a technical base for repairs of agricultural machinery.

The way towards the main sector of current production – container transport systems – began in the mid-1980’s. In the first half of the 1980’s container transport was already used in the former Czechoslovakia. The new generation of container carriers was already an independent project of STS Okřínek, from the initial idea all the way to its implementation.

STS Okrinek, state enterprise, was successfully privatised in 1992 to Czech hands, and transformed in CTS-servis spol. s r.o.

In 2007 the company was sold. The new 100% owner of the company became Genesis Capital s.r.o.

In 2008 CTS-servis spol. s r.o. was transformed to a joint stock company CTS-servis, a.s.

In 2013 the owner of CTS-servis, a.s. was changed. CHARVÁT Group s.r.o. became the new owner. At the same time the company name was changed to CHARVÁT CTS a.s.

In recent years the production programme of container transport systems has been significantly extended. Currently it contains telescopic and articulated carriers with lifting and tilting output ranging between 2 and 3 tons; two-arm carriers with lifting and tilting output ranging between 12 and 18 tons, and also tractor trailers – container carriers from total weight ranging between 3.5 to 21 tons. At the same time the group of users has increased substantially. Besides agriculture, for which the mechanisms were originally designed, they established themselves also in civil engineering, waste management, municipal services and began to be used by firefighters. Also the portfolio of good quality containers is large.

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