Hook lifts with loading capacity from 10 to 26 tonnes

Hook lifts with loading capacity from 10 to 26 tonnes

Product description

CTSlift telescopic hook lifts allow fast interchange of different container types in many business spheres.

They feature sophisticated structure and wide versatility. They are equipped with a telescopically movable hook member (design -S), alternatively with a tipping hook arm (design -SK). They allow handling and transport of multiple container lengths depending on the technical capacities of the chassis and given legislation. The ability of the mechanism to reload and handle containers on trailer is of no less importance, which increases the transport effectiveness.

A highlight of the telescopic hook lifts is the possibility of interchanging the container body depending on particular conditions of the season. An example of the versatility can be a hook lift as summer maintenance municipal vehicle, and road gritter as winter maintenance vehicle.

Loading capacity
10 t 12 t
14 t 16 t
20 t 22 t
26 t
Hook height
900 mm 1000 mm
1340 mm 1420 mm
1570 mm 1570 / 1000 mm
1570 / 1340 mm
Nominal length of units
3600 mm 3900 mm
4200 mm 4500 mm
4700 mm 4800 mm
4900 mm 5100 mm
5300 mm 5400 mm
5500 mm 5700 mm
5800 mm 6000 mm
6200 mm 6500 mm

Specific design of lifts - see the brochure.

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